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With its compact size, a robust features set, abundant controls and overall responsiveness, Arevio allows a large number of different uses, yielding a very good productivity. Arevio’s team helps you running XBRL projects by providing sustainable solutions.

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Light and secure

By intent we chose NOT to make available a cloud version of Arevio. Indeed, security matters more than ever, and you are the one to control strictly where your data end up. On your own stand-alone-machine! All you need is a MS-Windows, macOS or Linux machine that you protect at will.


Think of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of alternate solutions to Arevio! With us, all you have to invest is in an annual right of use, no expensive time of reporting consultants, no time wasted reconfiguring the whole package at each new taxonomy version, no time wasted at devising cumbersome spreadsheet converters! And a friendly service-desk is readily available to help you out in times of doubt, trouble or dire straits…

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